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Orbiting Planet Utah

So I haven't posted but one real good entry. I've some ideas for good tech topics which will show up a wee bit later. However, having read (semi-religously) the Utah Open-Source Planet, I want to make some comments and additions.

Amen to Stuart

Stuart Jansen posted a couple blog entries recently that I could really relate with.

In his first post, Stuart mentioned the great happiness that he savored when he found a fresh dry-erase marker:

I was filled with joy as I saw it leave thick, bold lines on the board. Not the light happiness of a good joke, but the deep contentment of a warm Sunday morning in bed.

I often find happiness in little things. But come on, who reacts that way to a marker?

Stuart, the answer to your question is, ME! I do! *goozbach raises hand.

I even went so far as to, when I was teaching full time, buy my own collection of always fresh dry erase markers, which I took with me on the road!

so, yes Stuart, you are not alone.

The second post was titled How To Be a Lousy Learner. I personally have seen every one of these student types myself. I just thought to add another one myself:

     "Hack" into the other students' machines and reset passwords, reboot, change permisions on core system binaries, etc. just make sure you cause as much ruckus as possible, and that the other student sees just how great of a HAXOR!!!!111oneoneon j00 r. Nevermind that ALL the systems in a classroom enviroment usually have the SAME ROOT PASSWORD! It's always helpfull to make sure your fellow students can work with distractions.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to bribe your instructor if he/she's going to be your exam proctor as well. (I hear Stuart's fond of steakhouse gift certificates)

Addendum to Aaron, Doran and Others

There's been a bit of discussion about spambot obfuscation using html entities and whatnot. I for one don't want to get into a discussion about which method is better or worse. I just came around a good resource that may help those who want to use the entities route.

Behold! the HTML Character Entities cheat sheet. It is a simple one-page reference for most of the ascii set. Nice, no?
Plus, you've just gotta love anything that comes from a website with the domain name of ""

Wait there's more:

Truth be told, this site has a bunch of Cheat Sheets avaliable. Get em while they last.

The blog and articles aren't that bad either