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Powerful Presentations

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I'm doing a presentation for ALE Central this Thursday

Here's the blurb

In our professional lives we often spend a great deal of time in one sort of presentation or another. A PowerPoint slide show for work, a story to our children at bedtime, "selling" your boss on your next big idea, or simply "selling" yourself as an entrepreneur.

A properly created presentation can be extremely powerful. It can mean the difference between getting that new contract with the Johnson firm and spending the next four months trying to find new customers. Perhaps your sub-par presentation is all that's keeping your small business from catching the eye of some big venture capital firm.

Presentations are a big part of being involved in the Open Source movement. Conferences, user group meetings, etc. Being a proponent of open source gives us quite a few opportunities to present.

Come an learn how a proper presentation is more than "not putting everybody to sleep". We will cover everything from preparation to handouts, PowerPoint decks to no slides whatsoever, handing "that guy in the second row" to "Wowing the room. You might even learn what a "bathroom review" is.

I promise you won't be disappointed.

And here's the important stuff

Date and Time

Thurs April 17th 7:30pm to ~9:30pm


Gambrell Hall Classroom 1C

Emory University School of Law
1301 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30322