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Movable Type dynamic pages

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Keeping my site up to date

I was having trouble keeping my Projects and Presentation pages up to date. I was always creating new projects, and presentation materials, however I always forgot to update the corresponding pages in Movable Type. I decided to make it easier to keep those pages updated.

The system I use is based on Mod_Include, MultiMarkdown and Movable Type.

Cobbler Presentation and re-vamped pages.

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Cobbler presentation

I've finally posted the first draft of my cobbler presentation materials. I'm not done with them, as I need to finish my remote-control system to do some screencasts. You can find the materials here.

Re-vamped pages on my site

Speaking of presentations, I've re-vamped some of the pages on this site. The two I've updated are the Presentations and Projects pages. These pages were long neglected, and weren't updated as new projects or presentation materials were made available. Now these pages will no longer get out of date as I've made them automatically update as new projects or presentation materials are posted. Watch for a forthcoming blog post about how to accomplish the same thing with your own Movable Type installation.

Until next time.

-- Goozbach