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Liveblogging ALF -- Charitable Giving and OSS

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The second conference presentation I attended was "Open source and Charitable Giving". Which was a married couple talking about a project called Qimo which is a Linux distro for kids, which they use for the computers they give away from their charity.

I hadn't thought a lot about it before but working on Open Source Software/Tech segues well into the charitable realm.

Liveblogging ALF

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Today I'm going to be liveblogging from the Atlanta Linux Fest

The first presentation I attended was "Her PR Problem/Tooting the Horns of Women in Open Source" by Rikki Kite. Even though her presentation was about women in Open Source, there were many things she covered on marketing yourself.

She talked about overcoming "Imposter Syndrome" which is simply not being able to internalize your accomplishments. Another topic was the a good way to self promote, she called it:

Self promote without self promoting aka Tooting someone else's horn.

Also she talked about something called the "Daily Affirmations for Women in Open Source" by someone named Tiffany B Brown, which are:

  • I know my shit
  • Stop Trippin'
  • Pretend I know
  • I will be a braggart

The only item above I HAD a problem with was the one "Pretend I know" I thought that pretending that you know could cause problems, but after asking Rikki about it she said it was more of a confidence thing instead of a knowledge thing.

More to come as I get to other sessions.