"Beefy Miracle" Fedora 16 to Fedora 17 Upgrade Problems

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This morning I got bit by what appears to be a nasty grub/anaconda bug. I was upgrading my Fedora 16 laptop to Fedora 17 and ran into some issues.

This is the best I can tell what happened:

I installed Fedora 15 using the following partition scheme:

1G /boot partition 122G windows vista partition (NTFS) 50G Fat16 partition 526G lvm partition * swap, /, /home and /srv are each LVs on this VG

upgraded to Fedora 16 using the DVD.

upgraded to Fedora 17 using the DVD, anaconda had an error message stating there were "bootloader problems" and said there would be issues rebooting.

rebooted and got the grub rescue prompt.

rebooted again into rescue mode, using the fedora 17 DVD, and tried to do 'grub2-install /dev/sda' which is where I got the above error:

    Path `/boot/grub2` is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is
    impossible. Aborting.

After some googling I found this bug report but there didn't seem to be any resolution.

So I banged my head against this problem and stumbled into a work-around. (this should be done in a chrooted environment inside the rescue method of the Fedora DVD)

  • backup the /boot partition

    mkdir /boot-backup
    rsync -rav /boot/. /boot-backup/
  • unmount and zero out the boot partition

    umount /boot
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1 bs=1024k
  • create a new ext4 filesystem

    mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda1
    mount /dev/sda1 /boot
  • re-run grub2-install

    grub2-install /dev/sda
  • copy the files out of the new /boot into /boot-backup

    rsync -rav /boot/. /boot-backup/.
  • copy the backed up files BACK into place

    rsync -rav /boot-backup/. /boot/.
  • re-generate the grub2 config

    grub2-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg

at that point you should be able to exit the rescue mode, and reboot and things should be back to normal.

If not ping the bug and have them fix it.

Also, it's nigh on impossible to replicate by just installing Fedora 16 then trying to upgrade. It appears to be an issue with the Fedora 15 created partition scheme.

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