Simple Smoke (HTML Test Output)

We all test stuff, (or should) but sometimes with a large number of Perl tests the success or failure of a single test can get lost in the output. This presentation shows how to use TAP::Formatter::HTML to show the output in an easy-to-visualize format.

About the presenter

Derek Carter (goozbach as his online friends know him) is active participant in the Open Source community. Part-founder of two Linux users groups. A former Linux instructor for Guru Labs (The industry leader in hands-on Linux training). He has taught Linux classes all over the United States, and the world for such companies as Red Hat, IBM, Novell, HP, Lockheed Martin and others. Derek has been actively using Linux as his primary OS since 1999. He's an avid Perl user and the author of two Asterisk-related modules on the CPAN. He's a certified RedHat instructor and examiner. He's also a Star Wars geek who has been known to dress up as obscure characters and wait in line for the premiers.

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