A presentation I have done for the UGA Linux group, and Atlanta Perl Mongers group. How to create an HTML output of test data.


This presentation covers the basics of how virtualization works. Showing how various different virtualization solutions work.



Introduction to Linux

This is perhaps the most utilized presentation I've given. Quite a few people are interested about Linux, and this presentation is one of the best ways of introducing them to it.

Powerful Presentations

This is by far the most useful presentation I've ever given. I've learned more from this presentation than any other presentation I've ever given/prepared. I've got just a bit of work to do to clean up this directory, but all the content of my "Powerful Presentations" presentation is there.

Introduction to Cobbler

A presentation about Cobbler, a PXE based provisioning and installation system.

Cobbler PowerTools

A presentation about advanced Cobbler features. What do you do once you have a running cobbler server.

Email 101

We all use email, This presentation is a VERY high level overview of how the entire system works.

Intro to CUPS

A simple slideshow and discussion about how the Common Unix Printing Subsystem works. Right now this directory doesn't have anything but the slides. If I end up giving a presentation about this topic again it'll get updated. Here's the OpenOffice source document.

Intro to XEN

Another of my early presentations. I think I first presented this to the Unix Users Group at BYU. Then to the Provo Linux Users group.

CGI and You

One of my very first presentations. I did this presentation to my A+ class my freshman year of college at SUU. As you can tell I've come a long way from that.