Linux infrastructure specialist with sixteen years of experience. Using training, Sr Linux systems administration, and course development knowledge to build and maintain robust and scalable Linux infrastructure. Focusing on core business technology: including custom Linux distribution creation, systems automation and DevOps methodologies, telecommunications, systems administration and training. Active participant in open source local interest groups, contributor to open source projects, and full-time geek.




Sr Systems Architect, DevOps -- August 2014 - Present

Sr Linux Systems architect embedded in development team. Built tools, processes and environments to help facilitate better development team productivity. Supported pre-production developer environments allowing development team to focus on product development.

Goozbach Infrastructure Solutions, LLC

Linux Infrastructure Consultant and Instructor -- December 2011 – Present

Owner and primary consultant of successful Linux consulting and training company providing Linux support and best practices consultation. Customers include RedHat training partners, Linux Foundation, Endosys, Schmooze Communications and others. Customer environments range from dozens to thousands of servers.

Services provided include system updates, configuration management, installation automation, Bash and Python scripting, training delivery, training course development, and other systems administration tasks.


QA Engineer and Tools Developer -- February 2010 – March 2012

Quality assurance engineering, testing, and tool/platform development, with some focus in product market fit for an Ethernet SAN Storage company. Helped manage QA lab environment of approximately 100 servers and appliances.

Cox Media Group Digital

Sr Systems Administrator -- August 2007 – February 2010

Managing day to day operations, capacity planning, operations budgeting and operations team lead for a leading media and publishing company with digital presence for Radio, TV, Newspaper, and direct marketing.

Florida Department of Health

Systems Administrator -- March 2006 – June 2007

Full time Linux and VOIP consultant at agency responsible for technology procurement throughout the state.

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Presentations, Projects, and Community

Prepared and given numerous presentations7 at conferences and special interest groups.

Started and ran open source Linux distro rebuild project called GoOSeLinux8 (now defunct).

Active in local users groups, Provo Linux Users Group9, BYU Linux Users Group10, and Salt Lake Perl Mongers11.

Author of/Contributor to these open source projects12.








  8. -- now defunct